This Domain for Sale: One Billion Yen

Bitcoin? Nah.
Pay in 500 Yen Coins and
Get Historical Ceremony
Contact: Brad Bartz


You Can Bee Anything (hold on!)

by Mayumi Takadanobaba


This Domain for Sale: One Billion Yen

Contact: Brad Bartz

The Historical Ceremoney will

  • Sink replica of Blackship in Tokyo Bay
  • Shave Brad Bartz's Head
  • Shinto Ceremony with fishes
  • 200 person band playing hit tunes from the 1850s.
  • Bob and Sam in the Wild!

    Bob and Sam







    WARUII INU - BAD DOG is our President's New Name.
    WHERE ARE THE KIDS? BAD DOG needs to be impeached.
    Return the Kids.

    The "art" here is available on a coffee mug:

    My ability to smile in adversity is known.

    I keep on trucking like Monty Python's "Just a flesh wound".
    Love Is Broken and that pain is consuming.
    A wall? What about books instead?
    A wall? What about a few good beds?
    A wall? Think about books again.
    Yes, that 4 year old with black curly hair broke my heart.
    The White House is using Holocaust language to justify this.
    Justice is blind, but you smell like an immigrant.

    Blue Lips Sink Ships - Shut the Fuck up Mr. President

    Three Lamigos Ready for a Night in Roppongi

    Mom worries about new Dog at

    The Man Speaks with Forked Tongue

    CPUC Beat Cop Dresses Down Bartz

    Game is on! PUC's Monopoloy Vs Go Ratepayers.

    Seconds left in 1st quarter. Join today at

    SCE Says NO. Bartz Files Again and Again.


    Crowd Justice is Real

    Sideways with Sam


    Ready to Dance

    Tunnel Vision with a Sailboat to take me away

    Resting after a day on the boat

    In Nara, Japan with Host Family Grandfather

    Fit Thru Fit Life, Nintai Ga Aru

    The Visa Office: That Stern Look is Inviting

    High Touch Town: The Roppongi Choices

    First Date! Host Family & Roppongi

    UN Year of the Disabled, 1989 - Yokohama, Japan

    Going to Japan: Love at First Sight

    I am watching you

    (Ok, I really like Lava in this one. B)


    Mr. Impossible: Freedom Now

    Trump Trade Issues With Japan

  • Steel
  • Cars
  • Internet

    Japan is not fair trade
    I own this domain, but can not sell it.
    That is not fair.

    Different rules for locals vs. foreigners. Bullshit.

    Investigate -- These guys are bad apples

    Mr. Impossible goes to surgery


    If this is Scooter, then who is ScooterBoy?

    Onion and Lavenders Mix to say: "Look past door 1".

    Artiface instead of Artifice. All inputs lead to Justice.

    We are the Light

    Crowd Justice - No Monopoly

    Watch Out Bob!

    The Secret Loves of Scooterboy

    The Purple Flower Clan

    Beautifuly Wrong

    Episode 1: Going to Tibet (via Japan)
    Day 1

    Bob, Sam, Lava and the Lavettes brighten up a 17 day sail to Japan aboard Commodore Perry's famous black ship.


    STAGE 1: Mr. West
    STAGE 2: Bob & Sam
    STAGE 3: The Courtroom

    STAGE 4: Street Corner
    STAGE 5: Lava's Corner
    STAGE 6: Street Corner
    STAGE 7: Bob Packing
    STAGE 8: The Dock
    STAGE 9: Water
    STAGE 10: Reception
    STAGE 11: The Hallway
    STAGE 12: The Bedroom
    STAGE 13: The Audience
    STAGE 14: The Stage
    STAGE 15: The Map
    STAGE 16: Bee Bar
    STAGE 17: Moonrise
    STAGE 18: The Cave
  • Purple Power
    The Purple Flower Clan is expression of love for free expression.

  • You Can Bee Anything
  • Bee Afraid
  • Bee Nice
  • Bee Active!

    Meet! The TransFlowerites!





    Mr. West (Poppy Breathe)

    Tama (passenger)

    Jim Thorpe (passenger)

    The Band!

    The Cat

  • JOHATSU JAPAN - Have you seen Tetsuro Nishida, A.K.A. Mr. West?

    Please email or call 03-4578-9370

  • Disappeared December 2014
  • Ran Away?
  • Drunk in a gutter
  • Hiding from failure?

    Tetsuro Nishida

    Approx 50 years old
    Last Known address in Okinawa Japan

    Why am I looking for him? Well. First he used to be a friend. But, second, and really, the Japanese Court needs to hear from him. Because Tetsuro Nishida dissapeared the court took it out on my company. I am appealing the judgement. See more here.

  • Read the Judgement
  • Read the Testimony
  • Support our appeal

    If you know where Tetsuro Nishida is please tell him to MAN UP and contact me or the Japaense court. To JOHATSU, "evaporate" is just so much bullshit.

  • This is how I feel: Moshiwakegozaimasen

    The last time Mr. West (Tetsuro Nishida) did Johatsu was in 2005.

    Then, I find out after we established the solar venture that he did Johatsu and started a company with Dentsu.

    Holy Shit. Dentsu was the king of the blacklist. More than a few people said Dentsu would have me killed for doing the website for Coca-Cola Japan. To find out ... Oh ... Man.. to find out. Watch The Purple Flower Clan. I will tell the whole story, with some fantastical details that will question reality.

    Yes, I know. It's embarrasing. My wife hated that I did solar business with Nishida again. Shit. She was 100% right.